What Is email marketing strategy? Personalized Communication for Open Horizons

What is email marketing strategy?

Many current and aspiring business owners ask themselves this question especially when looking for new ways to reach growth markets. Email marketing is one of the most effective ways of reaching new customers and creating new networks. This is because email is highly personal and connects the recipient directly to the sender. As a business you may not have the greatest following on social media. You may not have millions of dollars to pay for a prime office or store location in the middle of Manhattan. You may not even have the monstrous budget that most blue chip companies have to advertise on print and audio-visual media. What you may have is email addresses and that’s enough to get you started.

Statistics show that email marketing has some of the highest return on investments of all marketing strategies.

What is email marketing strategy?

A Data Driven Email Marketing Strategy Ensures You Reach All Your Consumer Prospects

With an effective email marketing strategy your business should be able to achieve the following;

  • Segmentation of your customers thereby developing a customers’ list that you can use to reach each customer individually. Segmentation is important especially when you have thousands of customers you need to talk to and it wouldn’t be practical to tailor a different email for each one of them.
  • Scheduling your email service to the level of flexibility that your customers desire. Most customers don’t want to be bombarded by emails every time especially by folks they may seldom remember. The best way to access an email permanently is to get whitelisted, i.e. be added to the customer’s address book. We show you the best Email Service Providers to use in order to achieve this quickly.
  • Personalizing your email without getting too familiar. While it is great to have the customer’s information such as their name, folks get creeped out if someone random suddenly has their information. While this pertains to concerns about cyber security and such things as phishing and identity theft, there may be a way out. Getting statistics of customers based on say, their purchase history can highlight where that familiarity is based and help them keep coming for your mails.
  • Developing a subject line. It should depend on the customer, the timing and the subject matter. Too long or too short may not be the impetus although it is important to consider. We help you develop this and help you rewire your content to reach a greater audience.

Learn the Best Way to Hypnotize Your Customers With Great Email Marketing Strategy Examples

Asking a customer to subscribe to your emails or newsletter has to be accompanied by some give on your part. It is not enough to just ask a customer to let you in their address book and subscribe to your offer. Actions are better and louder than words. It could be a new product trial or a one month free subscription. The idea is to make the customer feel like they are not just another statistic in the great hunt for numbers. Your email marketing strategy should reflect your professionalism as a business. Your consultant makes it work for you by developing content that is specific to your consumers and promoting the right image for you as a brand.

Grow Your Business With an Efficient Email Marketing Content Strategy

Axe the beta phase and proceed to actual and tangible results with our email marketing content strategy. How to reduce and fit your emails to your audience and tailor each one to the customer segment that you have decided? Email experts know how to crunch the numbers and tell you what goes where. You are then able to test different strategies and work with the results of those experiments to create something meaningful and worthwhile.

Grow Your Business With an Efficient Email Marketing Content Strategy

Align all your writing to the image that you want the customer to get of you. For brand positioning, transform your newsletter or email into a vital resource that the customer not only gets but also looks forward to.

Change Your Growth Trajectory With a Sample Email Marketing Strategy From Us

If you are not keen on email as a marketing tool, study email marketing strategy examples and see if you can learn a thing or two for your own business.

Don’t believe what we can do for you? Get a sample email marketing strategy from us and see us work magic for your business.