Key Guidelines on How to Build an Email List for Marketing

One of the best marketing assets a company can have in this techno savvy age a healthy email list. Despite the evidence showing that the use of email marketing can immensely drive revenue, creating the email list remains a challenge to most businesses. There has been a growing incidence of people complaining against inbox clutter as customers are becoming more sensitive and intolerant towards unwanted communication. Marketers should, therefore, put much care and relevance in developing their subscriber lists. For marketers wondering how to build an email list for marketing, the good news is that there are a number of effective and simple ways of creating an email list, including traditional offline and online strategies, as well as emerging tactics like paid searches, special offers, and direct mail. However, challenges remain in terms of:

  • Respect to the preferences of the subscribers
  • The responsible use of the email list building strategies
  • Complying with the legal stipulations governing privacy and data

In this article, we look at some of the strategies you could use to build a healthy email list.

How to Get Email Lists for Marketing Easily

For email marketing to be a success, growing a healthy email list should be made a priority, and takes time and much effort. One way of getting health email lists is through direct mail. You could make use of this long-standing channel to advertise email sign up using catalogs, direct mail order forms, and directory ads. Just including a simple check box accompanied by an area for writing an email address on rebate cards, bills, and subscription renewals can help you grow you’re your email lists significantly. However, for those who have no experience on how to get email lists for marketing, please note that, when using this approach, you should make sure to email your new subscribers as soon as possible to keep your company brand fresh in their mind and continue the engagement.

How to Get Email List for Marketing Promptly and Cost-Effectively

Another most logical and obvious place where you can get email subscribers is on your website. Placing email signup boxes will allow your customers to sign up for email. Putting a conspicuous and clear from on your website will help promote email sign-ups from those who visit your website. If you are still not sure how to get email list for marketing, an example of how you could entice people to join your email list is by using a header bar at the very top of your company website as shown in the figure below. Tools like SumoMe, Scroll Box, and Hello Bar can help you create the head bar.

How to Get Email List for Marketing

When using your website to build your email list, there some important considerations including:

  • Keeping the feel and look of all your website sign-up boxes clean and consistent, making them more reputable and easy to locate.
  • Try to place all your signup boxes in one location as part of the top banner or just below as shown in the example above.
  • As shown in the example, try to combine your sign-up boxes with what the subscriber will gain or what they should expect.

Alternatively, e-commerce forms and account registrations could give you a reliable place to incorporate email signup forms. In fact, evidence shows that site registration remains one of the most common and most effective means of getting email marketing lists. As such, you should make sure to incorporate email signup boxes into all your e-commerce forms and account registrations.

How to Build an Email Marketing List Fast

It is important to reiterate that building a healthy and effective email list takes time and resources. To get reliable email lists, there are certain best practices recommended, including:

  • Make the incentive for registration relevant and clear
  • Clearly list the benefits of registering for the email program
  • Collect the demographic and geographic information to allow segmentation
  • Prominently display the call to action

Another important tool for those wondering how to build an email marketing list is word of mouth. This is particularly relevant if you already have some subscribers who have been on your email list for quite some time. A small discount or incentive could help get existing subscribers talking. Incorporate email sign-up on viral components. Other strategies for building a healthy email list include taking advantage of customer requests and downloads, as well as point of sale checkouts.

How to Buy Email Lists for Marketing and What to Consider

When talking about how to buy email lists effectively, we are not referring to renting or purchasing opt-in lists from list brokers. Rather, we mean offering something that is of value as a way of motivating a person to willingly exchange their email address in order to benefit from your offers and added contact. The first step you should take when unsure of how to buy email lists for marketing is to sign up with an email marketing service provider (ESP). The ESP will provide you with the needed templates, tools, and services needed to get subscribers, test your email marketing campaigns, and manage the day to day needs of your email list. Please note that different email service providers have different pricing models, and you should pick one according to your list size and expectations for growth. You should also leverage paid search ads to provide a link to a landing page with an email sign up. Other companies have also successfully used list brokers, which collect email contacts and sell them. However, there is no sure way of knowing whether such lists have been obtained legitimately.

In summary, the best way to grow your email list is by confirmed opt-in, which guarantees that the people you send your marketing emails to actually want to receive such emails. This will also ensure that your number of unsubscribes is limited. To learn more about building effective and healthy email lists, please contact us.