Guidelines on How to Write a Marketing Email Example

The use of email marketing as a strategy for reaching and converting potential clients has grown significantly over the past few years with various fancy functionalities being used by brands to create attractive emails. However, there is growing consensus among marketing professionals that a well-written, plain text marketing email can perform just as well as, if not even better than, a highly designed marketing email with tons of whistles and bells. The argument here is that no matter the fanciness applied to your email design, in the absence of well-written content, your subscribers are highly likely to stop opening them, and even begin deleting the messages. This leads us to the question of how to write a marketing email example that guarantees high open rates and that persuades the client to act on the message. In this article, we explore some key copywriting best practices that you ought to apply to the subject line of your email, as well as on the body of the marketing email itself.

Excellent Subject Line for Email Marketing Examples

A critical part of writing an effective marketing email is getting the subject line right. In other words, the subject line, being the gatekeeper of your mail, influences the likelihood that your audience will open the email. No one will open your emails if the subject line does not pique their interest. I have come across numerous email marketing examples, with one sent by OpenTable, where the subject line read “Take Mom to Brunch” particularly attracting my interest. In this example, the writer used actionable language to create the email subject line effectively. In other words, by using such actionable verbs like “download,” “take,” “buy,” “ask,” and “reserve,” you will let your audience know exactly what to do in the email.

While using verbs in your subject line certainly helps, there are other ways of using actionable language without depending on verbs, something that gives you more room to wiggle in your wording. All this comes down to employing language that makes it apparent to your target audience what action they can perform with the information contained in the email. There exist numerous excellent marketing emails examples, though one impressive example I got was from TicketMaster, carrying the subject line “Don’t miss E Street Band and Bruce Springsteen.” This subject line is effective in the sense that, while it does not order me to purchase the tickets, it still makes it clear what I could do with the message in the email.

Personalized and Clear Marketing Email Examples

            Other than an actionable use of words in the subject line, there is need to make all your emails as clear as possible and the subject line personalized if possible. Emails that are highly segmented have been shown by research to show higher levels of performance in terms of click-through rate and open rates, compared to emails that are not personalized. In other words, the more segmented your email list is, the easier it will be to personalize the subject line of your marketing emails and offer relevant content to the specific email recipient. Some of the personalized subject lines marketing email examples include “Refurbished 1BR apartments to let in Oxford: Schedule a Viewing”, and “RSVP: Open Saturday Viewing for a Colonial Mansion in Chelsea.” In both examples, each subject line addresses the needs of the specific segments.

It is also important for you to prioritize clarity over catchiness. Make sure that your subject line aligns with the email content. In other words, whatever you promise in the subject line, your email copy should deliver. Below is an example of a marketing email with a horrible subject line (Marketing List), with an email content that is too long and irrelevant body. The takeaway here is that you should invest in a good subject line.

Personalized and Clear Marketing Email Examples


Content for Email Marketing Newsletter Examples

An important consideration, as will be demonstrated by the email marketing newsletter examples here, is to ensure that you establish relevancy to the needs of the reader. Here is an example of an email sent by Warby Parker to a friend of mine (notice the clever, yet clear subject line):

email marketing newsletter examples

When you look at the first paragraph in this example (designated in red), the marketer tells the reader, from the onset, the reason behind the email. The email is meant to help the reader find a new pair of glasses before the indicated expiration date. Can you imagine this email without that initial paragraph? If the marketer began the email from the second paragraph, the reader would have to ask why the marketer is emailing them about a prescription. By reminding the reader that they have given their prescription information to the company in the past, the marketer improves the chances that the reader will click through and redeem the offer given in the email.

Bad Email Marketing Content Examples

As previously indicated, it is important for marketing emails to be targeted. In the email marketing content examples below we highlight some common mistakes marketers make. In the first example, the marketer has completely disregarded targeting, in an email that would have otherwise been a well-designed email. Furthermore, it is not clear from the email what action the reader is expected to take. The main takeaway from this example is that you should understand what your subscribers want from your emails, and make sure to include clear and actionable messages. Keep your email clear and brief, with a prominent call to action.

Another second example below from Topshop, the marketer has failed to make the call to action stand out as the text, and the call to action are all of the same color.

Another second example

Some of the Best Examples of Email Marketing

We have looked at some attributes of good and bad marketing emails. In this section, we will highlight some of the best examples of email marketing, with the goal of guiding your email content writing. In the first example for the world cup shopping, the email is as clear, simple and focused.

best Examples of Email Marketing

Another good example is this effective email call to action created by H&M

good example is this effective email call to action created by H&M

In summary, based on the great email marketing examples highlighted in this article, good emails should have clear and catchy subject lines, which connect to the content of the email. In addition, your call to action should be clear and actionable, be brief, yet comprehensive, to ensure that the reader gets the message. Find a way to summarize the information in a compelling way, and provide links to a page where the reader can get further information. Contact us if you need help writing an effective marketing email.