Email is still one of the most important and vital ways of reaching customers and translating those newsletter reads into more than just clicks and statistics. In our email marketing service reviews we offer valuable insight into why email marketing is important and how your business can successfully combine this with other more traditional forms of marketing and sales generation. Our email marketing services reviews compares different companies providing important email marketing services such as marketing automation and CRM management and what price benefits they offer for new and return customers.

How Important Are Email Marketing Services Reviews? New Age Email Marketing Reviews

We aim to review email marketing because we believe it’s important that businesses know the value of those customer email addresses and contacts. While email has been around for quite a while now most businesses haven’t fully embraced how important it is to utilize that precious access to a customer’s inbox. Consider the guaranteed ROI. Our email marketing reviews draw inspiration from companies that have actually conducted successful email marketing campaigns and have reaped the monetary benefits of this. In this modern era, such a campaign can be intertwined with other platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to give it that visual appeal that traditional emails lack.

Top Ten Reviews Email Marketing

These Email Marketing Companies Reviews Have Guided Thousands of Startups

The following are our top ten reviews email marketing. We have selected these companies based on their success rates, the number of the accounts they hold and what other industry players and customers hold as their key strengths and opportunities for improvement. Due to the fact that these companies have developed totally different solutions solving the same problem, you can also think of this section as part of our email marketing software reviews.

  • ActiveCampaign: Combines email marketing with CRM, data collection, analytics and beautifully designed template. It helps create great marketing campaigns that are also smart, combining data with visual beauty. Users have access to an email template editor which means you can customize your campaign and integrate with third party applications such as WordPress and social media platforms like Instagram. With its custom built address book one can segment contacts based on their actions, behavior, purchasing habits and other social metrics. ActiveCampaign aims for marketing automation and has payment plans ranging from 9 dollars a month, although free trial runs are available.
  • MailChimp: Offers a great interface that integrates seamlessly with third party applications. It provides autoresponders, email editors, segmenting and merging contacts and data tracking and analytics. It offers support by image or live chat, with tutorials and videos that one can use for information. The best part is its Forever Plan which allows you to send up to 12000 emails for up to 2000 subscribers.
  • GetResponse: They pride themselves as the “World’s Easiest Email Marketing”. For novices and small businesses, it is an absolute pleasure to work with due to its simplified build. It comes with great features for marketing automation including a drag and drop builder, creating campaigns, segmentation and sending mails to specific people on the contact list. GetResponse comes with responsive forms, an autoresponder sequence, A/B testing and integration with third party software and applications such as Zendesk and Google Docs. It offers a 30 day free trial period with pricing starts from 15 dollars a month.
  • ConvertKit: With a powerful interface, it is tailored for professional bloggers, authors and marketers. It provides email sign up forms which you can customize according to your campaign. It also has great visual templates which you can pick and customize for your campaign. Prices range from 29 dollars a month with an option for refund after a month.
  • AWeber: One of the most popular email marketing services in the world, AWeber tailors its solutions for SMEs. It offers ready email templates which can also be customized, A/B tracking and list management, analytics and autoresponders. Support options include a live chat, phone support, webinars and tutorials. They charge from 19 dollars a month, with a free 30 day trial period.
  • ConstantContact: With this service you can easily manage your contacts and email lists. You can also access a wide array of templates and an image library with 1GB of internal storage afforded. Each account is synced for tracking and reporting which means you have great marketing automation at your fingertips. It offers live chat, email and community support. It offers a 60 day trial period with pricing starting at 20 dollars a month.
  • Campaign Monitor: This team allows you to turn professionally designed templates and themes into your own. They offer a great drag and drop email builder which really simplifies your work and also allows segmenting for different contacts based on behavior and previous actions. They also provide A/B testing, optimization, tracking and integration with social media and third party tools. They have numerous documentation to guide you in building your campaign and 24/7 available support. Their pricing starts from 9 dollars a month.
  • Infusionsoft: This focuses on the customer lifecycle, promoting e-marketing and sales for small businesses. It also aims to align those goals to CRM, e-commerce, automation and lead capture. Infusionsoft offers lead scoring, web tracking and social media connectivity, with third party app integration. The platform pulls data related to sales, leads, payments, clicks and customer purchase trends, and can also create web forms and links and tracking ROIs. It also lets users manage customer databases, providing shopping carts, product pages, newsletters and other e-commerce functionalities.
  • HubSpot: Is a powerful tool that provides CRM solutions and sales tracking, along with aiming for growth marketing and productivity. It provides the power to manage contacts, connecting with Gmail and Outlook, and the CRM is a powerful tool that lets you take control of everything. Through content leads, track your numbers and utilize A/B testing and generate a scorecard for each campaign. One can start with a free version and upgrade as they grow with the product.
  • iContact: The service prides itself as creating, sending and tracking campaigns that will resonate well with customers. With great drag and drop features, customizable templates, a seamless interface and availability in both English and Spanish, iContact attracts those looking for a friendly, CRM based marketing solution. With emphasis on marketing automation and segmentation, all the right people get the right emails boosting sales. The service offers a 30 day free trial period with the option of a credit card upgrade later.

Why We Review Email Marketing; Email Marketing Service Reviews Growing Businesses

Our email marketing companies reviews offer a chance for businesses to be competitive and to take advantage of how personal our inboxes are. It may be easier to make a purchase or turn a customer loyal based on what you send to their inbox. It is also a great way to collect customer data without breaching their privacy and using this data to your business’ advantage.

Email Marketing Service Reviews