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Top Email Services Reviews

October 23rd 2017
The Top Email Services Reviews Online In a world that’s always in technological motion 24/7 it is hard for businesses to keep in contact with or respond to customers and all their queries, urgent or not. Different modes are now competing for customer attention, including Search Engine Optimization, social media and e-commerce marketing. Email, though not the most popular with millennials is still one of the most effective ways to connect with and persuade customers. Inboxes are personal so treat them such-wise. In this blog we tell you the important features of all effective email service providers, laying emphasis on what features are most important to you as a growing business, and what the top rated ESPs are, with their own distinct advantages. Our email service reviews are designed to help your business prosper. Our paid email services reviews tell you what you might pay and for what level of service. Email Blast Service Review and Paid Email Services Reviews As a business, you may need to send a single message to hundreds, maybe thousands of customers with a single click. While it may be relatively easy to segment your customers into countable groups, it may not be practical to tailor each email for every single customer. Blast marketing will ensure each customer gets their intended email with no delay or confusion. It is important to collect customer data based on their past purchasing habits, their likes and dislikes and any other records that may help guide you...

Best Email Marketing Tools

October 23rd 2017
The Best Email Marketing Tools Employ Segmentation, Turning Cool Profits Even in 2017 email marketing is one of the prime ways of getting a customer acquainted with your company or product, and getting them to make a purchase. Email marketing is important because it is organic and helps to connect you directly with a customer. Turn those clicks into dollars and get loyal customers by employing the right kind of strategy. Email marketing does not have to compete with other e-marketing models such as social media and Search Engine Optimization. Instead, use all these platforms in tandem to achieve more purchase results. The best email marketing tools will obviously try to segment the end-user into either a business or an individual customer, hence Business-to-Business (B2B) or Business-to-Customer (B2C). The type of email strategy you use depends on what product you are selling, who you are selling to and how much you are willing to spend on it. With this blog, you’ll be able to learn and discern what best platforms to use for your email marketing strategies. Email Marketing Tools That Actually Work and Sell Products The following are some platforms that have been proven to work consistently and some email marketing tools comparison for your benefit. SendinBlue: This has some of the top email marketing tools that you will possibly find online. It prides itself as “marketing automation, campaigns and transactional messaging made easy”, with over 50,000 users and 30...

Direct Channel to Customers

Direct Channel to Customers: Get Acquainted With What Is Email Marketing Strategy

September 26th 2017
What Is email marketing strategy? Personalized Communication for Open Horizons What is email marketing strategy? Many current and aspiring business owners ask themselves this question especially when looking for new ways to reach growth markets. Email marketing is one of the most effective ways of reaching new customers and creating new networks. This is because email is highly personal and connects the recipient directly to the sender. As a business you may not have the greatest following on social media. You may not have millions of dollars to pay for a prime office or store location in the middle of Manhattan. You may not even have the monstrous budget that most blue chip companies have to advertise on print and audio-visual media. What you may have is email addresses and that’s enough to get you started. Statistics show that email marketing has some of the highest return on investments of all marketing strategies. A Data Driven Email Marketing Strategy Ensures You Reach All Your Consumer Prospects With an effective email marketing strategy your business should be able to achieve the following; Segmentation of your customers thereby developing a customers’ list that you can use to reach each customer individually. Segmentation is important especially when you have thousands of customers you need to talk to and it wouldn’t be practical to tailor a different email for each one of them. Scheduling your email service to the level of flexibility that your customers...