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Choosing Email Service Providers for the Long Term

Some Excellent Tips on Choosing Email Service Providers for the Long Term

September 26th 2017
Guidelines on Selecting Top Email Service Providers As the email continues to grow in terms of capability and complexity, so does the potential for email marketing. Technological progress has meant that the mail can be automated to re-engage the disengaged and nurture prospects linked to the buying process. Analytics related to the email can be deep, rich and actionable. However, the growing complexity also means that choosing from the many email service providers is also increasingly more complicated. As a marketer, since your email program goes beyond mere email, it is important that the email service provider (ESP) you choose must fit the needs of your company now and in the future. This article is intended to offer a baseline of information on ESPs, which we feel represent the best in the industry, regardless of the size. Once you have determined the needs of your company, this article will help you determine the feature to look out for in choosing a reliable ESP. Considerations when Choosing Providers of Email Services The first important consideration when looking for a reliable ESP is determining the right-sized ESP for the needs of your company. Even before you commence the ESP selection process, it is prudent for you to conduct a reality check to determine your email service needs. Some marketers end up attracted to top-tier enterprise ESPs due to the whistles and bells as well as brand recognition, without putting much effort to conducting an internal operational...

Email Marketing and How to Get it Right

What Is Email Marketing: Deconstructing the Idea of Marketing Through Emails

September 08th 2017
What Is Email Marketing and How to Get it Right For many years, companies have found innovative e ways of advertising their products and attracting new customers. In the recent past, e-mail marketing has grown in its popularity as an innovative and effective marketing tool. However, the concept of what is email marketing still remains elusive as no unified definition exists. Nevertheless, when contemplating a definition of e-mail marketing, we should consider the elements of email and marketing. Essentially e-mail marketing implies the act of sending out emails to customers, both existent and prospective, with the goal of influencing their action towards the company brand or specific products and services. Some types of e-mail marketing campaigns, based on the goals served, include: Retention email sent to existing customers Direct email, sent to prospective and existing customers Email placed ads, which are marketing adverts placed within emails sent by others. In general, implementing an effective e-marketing campaign involves various tasks like creating a permission-based list of recipients, managing the email list, identifying the proper content for segmented lists, delivering the message, and assessing the progress and outcomes of the campaign. In this article, we explore the attributes of good email marketing by looking at email marketing best practices, as well as services and agencies critical to effective e-mail marketing. Email Marketing Prospects Successful...

Most Popular Email Service

What is the Most Popular Email Service in the World? Top 3 Free Programs

September 08th 2017
What is the Most Popular Email Service? As a businessman, your electronic mail is crucial. It enables you to communicate with customers, partners and personnel. Therefore, you should be certain that you opt for one of the most popular email service providers for a small firm or large organization. Below we’ve described three of the leading programs, but before analyzing these email services, let’s enumerate some of the characteristics to search for in a perfect provider for online business. Features to Search for in the Most Popular Email Marketing Services Determining which program is the most favorable variant can be tough for any business owner or even email expert. Every company has its own requirements. However, you are not required to spend money on expensive services. Luckily, there are many providers that offer their perks for free. Hence, the specifications to search for in the potential free email program include: Spam filter Constant availability of email service provider Security Ease of use Storage Advanced features Archive opportunities Integration with the other software you already employ For business, it’s essential to opt for the appropriate email program suitable. Therefore, business owners are highly advised to start from comparison of the top variants. Google – Number One among the Most Popular Email Services Wondering “What is the most popular email service in the world?” Gmail tops the rating of the email service providers as it offers...