As a savvy marketer, you have probably come across reports indicating that email marketing has the highest return on investment compared to all other marketing channels. You have probably become interested in starting your own marketing campaigns with the goal of driving sales and revenues of your company. The problem you probably face, as do most marketers, is how to do email marketing properly. How does one start and run a successful email marketing campaign? This article provides some useful guidelines on the steps you need to ensure that your email marketing campaign is a success.

How to Create Email Marketing Campaign that Ensures High Open Rates

The first critical step in creating a successful email marketing campaign is establishing your marketing goals. Here you should consider what it is you want to achieve with your email marketing, which will help you evaluate your progress and successes. The goals will also determine who you target, the type of campaigns you send, the nature of the content you include, and the manner in which you measure success. For those wondering how to create email marketing campaign, the key to making sure your goals are correct is to align those goals with the wider marketing goals of your company as well as the key performance indices. Typical goals for an effective email marketing campaign include:

  • Welcoming new subscribers and informing them about your company values and business to build a relationship with them.
  • Enhancing engagement with your business and content
  • Fostering existing subscribers by offering what they value
  • Re-engaging inactive subscribers
  • Performing a segmentation of your subscribers

You could also identify and set email marketing campaign goals based on your conversion goals.

How to Do Email Marketing Effectively in Line with Company Needs

After setting your goals, the next important step in creating an email marketing campaign is building your email list. If you are wondering how to do email marketing effectively, the first secret in building and segmenting your email list. There are various ways you could build your marketing email list, though the appropriate method will depend largely on the goals that you identified. For instance, if you plan to use email marketing to keep in touch with existing customers, then you could import details of customers into your preferred email marketing tool. However, before importing any contacts, please make sure that you have the proper permissions to email to those subscribers. You could also build an email list from scratch by capturing email addresses.

The third important step is selecting the type of campaigns you intend to send to your list. There are several types of email campaigns that you could send to your subscribers. You should choose your campaign based on the goals you identified. One good example shown in the figure below is an email newsletter, which is often distributed in relation to one topic of interest. The newsletter is perfect if your goal is to keep in touch with subscribers who are already customers. It will drive your business by keeping your company on top of mind, while also driving traffic to your website.

How to Do Email Marketing Effectively

Another type of email marketing campaign is a marketing offer, which you send with the objective of driving a direct response, which can include:

  • Campaigns showcasing the products you have in latest stock
  • Special promotions or discounts on services and products

The marketing offer email is particularly effective if your objective is to drive sales directly. Through this approach, you present the discount or product, with a direct call to action included for people to move to your website and make purchases. There is also the option of sending an announcement email campaign if the goal is to announce a new feature, service or product. All this preparation will come to nothing if you don’t actually create and send those emails. The next section guides you on how to how to create that email and how to manage the campaign.

How to Run an Email Marketing Campaign Successfully

Now that you have decided on the goals of your campaign, built a list of your targeted audience, and selected the type of campaign you intend to send, the next important step is in creating that campaign and managing the interaction with your audience. As you look you create and send effective emails, consider using email tools such as Campaign Monitor, which help you create beautiful, yet simple and comprehensive campaigns. However, for those without much experience on how to run an email marketing campaign, there are other fundamentals that you ought to know to guarantee that you get the best results in running your email marketing campaigns, measured in terms of open rates.

The Bottom-line on How to Increase Open Rate of Email Marketing

The first important consideration when contemplating how to increase open rate of email marketing is to know your audience. For companies that have been conducting email marketing for a while, you probably know your audience and its demographics. However, for those just getting started with email marketing, you will start collecting subscriber information as you send your email campaigns, which will allow you to target your content appropriately.  Tools like Google Analytics and social media profiles such as data from Facebook Insights shown below will help you gather data on your audiences.

How to Increase Open Rate of Email Marketing

We also recommend that you structure your essay campaign properly to allow easy reading as the attention span of your readers may be limited. Structuring helps you draw the attention of people into reading your content, while also guiding them toward the main message and the call to action. Align your campaign with the colors, branding, and fonts used across all your other customer touchpoints, which will allow all your customers to have a consistent experience of your brand.

Last, but certainly not least, measure your results. A good practice in effectively running email marketing campaigns is measuring your progress results. Your website analytics tool such as Google Analytics, or your email marketing too like Campaign Monitor will help you with tracking the success of your marketing campaign. The reports section of your email marketing tool, such as the one highlighted below can help you evaluate your progress. The key metrics to look out for include:

  • Number of bounces
  • Number of unique opens
  • Open rate
  • Unsubscribe rate
  • Number of emails not opened
  • Spam complaints
  • Click-Through Rate
  • Shares

How to Increase Open Rate of Email Marketing

To summarize, email marketing presents a powerful driver of revenue and sales for your company and has been shown to have a wider reach and return on investment compared to most other channels. If you follow the steps outlined in this article, you can quickly and easily get started on creating and managing email market campaigns. However, if you need further assistance with email marketing or have some questions you need addressed, please contact us.