All-in-one Mass Email Service
Our team applies the email marketing best practices to assist growing companies to establish marketing campaigns that really work. Our aim is to optimize your sending strategies and delivery to grow your conversion rates. No matter what product you offer, with us you will achieve greater success for sure. We will help you create and send messages which are impossible to ignore!
Powerful and simple email services that really work
We will provide you with everything you need for a professional, good-looking, and fruitful campaigns to improve your business and increase sales. With us, you will:
Create amazing marketing campaigns that strike
Our simple drag-and-drop message builder will help you create professionally-looking letters. You have an opportunity to make an absolutely unique and 100% branded campaign that looks equally great on PCs, smartphones, and tablets.
More personalized approach to your clients
Benefit from our unique visual features, like personalized customer journeys, to keep your buyers/users engaged.
Targeted messages to reach your audience
When it comes to direct mail marketing, personalization is everything. With our help, you will be able to compose super-targeted letters providing accurate information to the right audience at the best time.
Make your customer lists grow
Take advantage of the sign-up forms to get new customers and introduce your company to a bigger audience. Our tool will help you guide your users from the first encounter to your store.
Testing and tracking your results
With our direct mail advertising tool, you will be able to examine the way your emails work. Track the results to learn how your audience reacts on your mail-outs. This will help you find out whether your customers are sharing your content or examine the effectiveness of your CTAs.
Control your transactional messages
With us, not only you even your marketing, but also transactional messages will be relevant, branded, and optimized!
Have questions?
Our responsible customer support team is by your side at any time and our experts will solve your problems and respond to your questions in a matter of minutes!
The secret weapon of your email campaign
With us, you can send top-notch messages for your clients and enjoy growing sales and user engagement! We have already assisted hundreds of companies, from small but fast-developing businesses to big corporations. The automation we offer will not only save your time, but provide you with a great opportunity to create beautifully-designed messages your clients will love. Whether you are new to email marketing or on your way to becoming a pro, we will support you and turn you into a successful emailer at no time! And this is how we do that:
Relevant design

From now own, third-party design companies are no longer needed! Get your letters look amazing with our customized visual elements and branded templates created by our impressive team of graphic designers. They use the most up-to-date and trendy practices, so your campaign will stand out from the crowd.

Inbox delivery becomes much more likely when you have us

Deliverability must be one of the most challenging issues for marketers. A chance for your letter to avoid any blacklists, spam folders, or any domain reputation problems and appear in the customer’s inbox is not that high. However, using our tool, you will be able to optimize your sending significantly and make your letter appear right in front of your customer’s eyes.

Social media is also important

As the best email service, we realize that online marketing is more than just emails. We have professional social media consultants to help you plan, create, outline, adjust, and optimize your social media content and burst your way through the noisy digital crowd.

We’ll show you how to get the most out of email marketing
Look what our clients get when they choose us:
Personalized dialogues with your buyers

Using our sign-up forms and templates, you will learn more about your clients, from their preferences to contact information. This will personalize your messages even more!

Continuous development

We never stop updating our offers and creating new amazing features that correspond to the current trends of online business.

We care about each customer

Rest assured with a thought that there is no other service that cares about your needs like we do. With us, your journey to success will become easier.

Clear results

No more wondering and crystal ball gazing – you will be able to evaluate the way your newsletter works and which messages your clients really liked.

Why Should You Read about Email Marketing Trends?

Email isn’t as old-fashioned as many people think. Even these days it’s one of the most effective ways to spread messages from a commercial point of view. Marketing experts understand this and constantly evolve new means to improve email marketing processes to build on ties with the target audience. Today online businesses can use specialized software with tracking data analysis and custom templates, which makes the process far more uncomplicated. However, marketing isn’t as easy as buying the proper software and sending emails. Hence, it is amazing that there’re so many blogs out there to teach business owners and marketers how capitalize on their projects. No matter how experienced you are, you can always find something new to learn or just recollect the things you have forgotten, and the right place to start is PostPigeons.

Although today PostPigeons is a famous software and media company, it started with only one ambitious man. Eleven years ago he launched online business with one thousand dollars for site building and hosting. What he wanted was to instruct marketers on how to unite SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and copywriting. Today internationally recognized company and its blog get enough traffic to stay on top and its content is shared hundreds of times every single day. PostPigeons is, in fact, one of the greatest platforms, which provide visitors with the most ground-breaking, persuasive and meaningful e-marketing approaches. The blog offers amazing content marketing education, as well as email marketing info about everything you want to know regarding email marketing.

The Best Email Marketing Info on PostPigeons

PostPigeons’s blog is the best blog about email service on the Web. First of all, it provides a myriad of useful and informative articles on email service and email marketing in general. Most importantly, however, is the absence of annoying advertising or self-hype. People hate the posts that convince them to make a purchase or to place an order or else miss their chance at success. Businessmen know that the major accomplishments come from within. You need to work hard to earn success and prosperity. PostPigeons’s articles are written by professionals who know perfectly well what they are doing, hence they don’t have to brag or boast. Their posts on email marketing, as well as all other articles are easy-to-read, sensible and interesting, which makes the entire blog shine.

Arguments for PostPigeons Email Marketing Articles

  • Useful to readers with various experience degrees
  • Perfectly targeted audience
  • Easy-to-read articles
  • Valuable posts, educational and captivating
  • No obvious advertisements and self-display
  • Attractive design

PostPigeons tops the list of the most accepted marketing blogs, and it comes natural that their qualified email marketing articles are a real must-read. The professionally written articles demonstrate a warm and friendly tone with simple choice of words. In fact, articles simply deliver the message, flow smoothly and remain captivating. They provide lots of useful information with just the proper size – not too short, not too long. The blog posts explain all of the proficient marketing strategies business owners can employ in order to create a profitable business with satisfied client base. In particular, the blog highlights the importance of email marketing and its connection to other marketing strategies. For example, quite witty article “How to Master the Campaign Platform of Kings” talks about the importance of successful marketing and its relation to social media.

To sum up, if you are not reading PostPigeons you’re missing out on a means that should be employed by any businessman working on the Web. These guys cover virtually each and every part of email marketing trends from the choice of email service to the ways to create far more successful email newsletter. PostPigeons is a mix of considerate, general articles, and more specific pieces of advice you can use right away.