The Best Email Marketing Tools Employ Segmentation, Turning Cool Profits

Even in 2017 email marketing is one of the prime ways of getting a customer acquainted with your company or product, and getting them to make a purchase. Email marketing is important because it is organic and helps to connect you directly with a customer. Turn those clicks into dollars and get loyal customers by employing the right kind of strategy. Email marketing does not have to compete with other e-marketing models such as social media and Search Engine Optimization. Instead, use all these platforms in tandem to achieve more purchase results.

The best email marketing tools

The best email marketing tools will obviously try to segment the end-user into either a business or an individual customer, hence Business-to-Business (B2B) or Business-to-Customer (B2C). The type of email strategy you use depends on what product you are selling, who you are selling to and how much you are willing to spend on it. With this blog, you’ll be able to learn and discern what best platforms to use for your email marketing strategies.

Email Marketing Tools That Actually Work and Sell Products

The following are some platforms that have been proven to work consistently and some email marketing tools comparison for your benefit.

  • SendinBlue: This has some of the top email marketing tools that you will possibly find online. It prides itself as “marketing automation, campaigns and transactional messaging made easy”, with over 50,000 users and 30 million plus emails sent every day. SendinBlue employs great visuals and allows judicious use of images in order to spice up the gimmick and make it appeal to readers who are actually interested in making a product purchase. Think of fashion brands, car resales, graphics and 3-D designs and other products which need some visual aid to boost them. This is a great way to get customers to interact with and appreciate your product before they make the actual purchase. The platform is also integrated with multiple APIs and plugins and is thus suitable for corporate-grade e-marketing. It has flexible payment plans for different customer segments ranging from free to up to 66 dollars per month, with added or reduced functionality depending on the plan.
  • ActiveCampaign: This is an ideal platform which, in addition to great visuals comes with numerous templates that can be customized according to your campaign and get sent out in mass. The templates reduce the complexity of a campaign by using great visual, audio and social media aids in a simplified fashion so that one gets the impression of a lot in a little. Their great designs are appealing to the eyes and their templates create email pages that are a pleasure to look at.
  • LiveChat: If you’re looking to do great email newsletters, this is probably one of the best ways to go. With personalized and targeted designs, you are sure to engage your customers one-on-one and even surer to get a response. LiveChat’s customers originally sign up for specific content to be delivered to them and this helps the platform to send directed emails which resonate well with customers based on their interests. It employs Call-to-Action(s) and targeted headlines which add to the beauty of the already powerful platform.
  • TheZebra: If you are looking for a service that sends great and timely reminders, this will more than suffice. The service is personalized and targeted, which means it addresses customers directly based on a stored contact database. The messages are usually brief and to the point, with a straight and clear CTA. Reminder emails are for the most part usually annoying, but there’s a method to get customers to click on the CTA link being afforded with each email. TheZebra cuts to the chase and promises customers great savings with the reminders which then leads to a definite CTA at the end of the article.

Great Examples of Free Email Marketing Tools

While some of these email services offer premium services for a good dollar amount, there are startups that may not have a substantial marketing budget. There are several email marketing free tools offering functionalities at zero cost. These include;

  • Zoho Mail: Primarily an email service provider, there are additional features that come with this tool that you can employ as part of your email marketing. Apart from using it as your main email hub you can sort your contacts, organize and schedule your mail and send customized replies with adaptive templates.
  • MailChimp: Although not strictly a free service, it offers some great features at no cost, the most important of which is the Subject Line Researcher. With its huge database of users and probable subjects being sent for hundreds of millions of emails, MailChimp has a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn’t. You can try out different keywords for your subject line and see if they actually worked for other users.
  • Scope: For those who are interested in the back end of email marketing, this is the tool. Get mobile and desktop reviews of the emails you send or receive and use their Code Inspector Tool to see the behind-the-scenes workings of the email set up.

Success with Online Email Marketing Tools and email marketing free tools

Use these free email marketing tools if you want to first test the waters before settling on a permanent solution. Whether you’re looking for a simple, crisp and plain-text email or great typography with a CTA that stands out, you will always find what you are looking for. Before you settle on online email marketing tools it is important to lay down what your objectives are as a company, who your target market is, what kind of product you’re selling, what kind of translation you’re expecting and what the response time might be. Use email marketing tools review to make an informed decision on what platform to use. Since there are different functionalities offered by these different platforms, you can integrate several and see the results.

email marketing tools review

Our Email Marketing Tools Review Guarantees Results.

The above examples have great product reviews and endorsements, and that’s why we’d recommend them if you want to get started with email marketing tools for small business. One Buzz Bruggerman of Activewords describes SendinBlue’s design tools as easy to use, with improved sales performances since first implemented. Richard Lowe from Spiegel appreciates the same service’s quick response and personalized efforts. ActiveCampaign has automated virtually the entire process of sales and marketing and customers everywhere appreciate such tools for email marketing because they can get raw figures and analytics from such. These email marketing tools have been tried and tested by millions of customers, both individual and corporate and their word has always been positive.

The most important lesson you can learn from all these service providers is segmentation. Knowing which message gets to what customers and tailoring each response to each customer segment is important because it guarantees that you’ll get results, either clicks or purchases.