What is the Most Popular Email Service?

As a businessman, your electronic mail is crucial. It enables you to communicate with customers, partners and personnel. Therefore, you should be certain that you opt for one of the most popular email service providers for a small firm or large organization. Below we’ve described three of the leading programs, but before analyzing these email services, let’s enumerate some of the characteristics to search for in a perfect provider for online business.

Features to Search for in the Most Popular Email Marketing Services

Determining which program is the most favorable variant can be tough for any business owner or even email expert. Every company has its own requirements. However, you are not required to spend money on expensive services. Luckily, there are many providers that offer their perks for free. Hence, the specifications to search for in the potential free email program include:

  1. Spam filter
  2. Constant availability of email service provider
  3. Security
  4. Ease of use
  5. Storage
  6. Advanced features
  7. Archive opportunities
  8. Integration with the other software you already employ

For business, it’s essential to opt for the appropriate email program suitable. Therefore, business owners are highly advised to start from comparison of the top variants.

Popular Email Services

Google – Number One among the Most Popular Email Services

Wondering “What is the most popular email service in the world?” Gmail tops the rating of the email service providers as it offers many perks, such as constant photo hosting, file storage, economic advice, blogs, calendaring, Youtube and so on. Since the service provider combines its major services into inbox, it’s such a pleasure to watch instructive videos on Youtube, locate the nearest vendors, surf the Web, upload some important files for sharing, book tickets and so on.

The distinguished characteristic of one of the most popular email services is that it arranges messages into threads corresponding to the subject. Thus, people do not need to waste time looking for previous emails to see what message you received five months ago.

Some of Gmail’s rock-solid features are:

  • Gmail users enjoy 15GB of storage, which is more than enough for every average user.
  • Security: since Google is the major tech organization worldwide, safety issue is very important for this program. Gmail provides its users with the paramount security software among other popular mail services. These include 2-step authentication process, HTTPS, phishing and anti-spam programs. In fact, Gmail deletes 99.9% of the possibility that computer will be affected by malware.
  • Since this email program is connected with Google Drive, users have an opportunity to send 10GB files. All emails are conveniently arranged in 4 tabs. Also, the program supports POP and IMAP features.
  • Mobile applications: applications are accessible for both leading mobile platforms – iOS and Android.
  • Money transaction: the provider also offers an opportunity to send money. This option is available in restricted number of countries for the moment.

Nevertheless, even one of the popular email services has its drawbacks:

  • To begin with, people hate those annoying ads. Of course, Gmail provides its services for free, but probably, it should at least consider the idea of moving the text links away from the typing space.​
  • Tiny screen area is wearisome for professionals paying attention to the speed of their work.
  • Gmail does not integrate with social media not related to Google. It is not very important feature, but many people want to have connection to their social media constantly, and other providers have already provided users with the convenient integration with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and so on.
  • Finally, deleted messages cannot be undeleted. Certainly, you are not forced to delete any files, considering that you can use 15GB available. However, most users prefer uncluttered mailbox and once you get rid of something, then you’re facing the outcomes of your decisions.

Google – Number One among the Most Popular Email Services

If Gmail Is a King, Outlook is the Prince among the Most Popular Free Email Services

Microsoft transferred all its email programs, such as Live or Hotmail to the present program, Outlook. It offers numerous benefits to its clients:

  • In particular, when you start using this program, you automatically get an access to seven gigabytes of storage space with OneDrive. In this way users never run out of space.
  • Another feature that is particularly impressive is the opportunity to add accounts to your profile. It’s a perfect opportunity, since it enables you to send letters from different addresses without the necessity to enter numerous accounts.
  • In contrast to other programs, Outlook enables you to recover your mail after you delete it. It may be very important for some employees.
  • As for unwanted messages, Outlook works hard to keep spam out of mailbox, demonstrating a 97% rate. If that’s not enough, you can use Sweep to get rid of all emails out of mailbox before they even arrive. In this way you inbox will always look uncluttered.

The drawback of the program is that it does not offer you an opportunity to enjoy aliases. They would enable users to automatically send messages to another account in order to secure the most significant address.

Also, since it is a free program, there’re many advertisements on a page. Still, rather than distracting people with blue-on-white text links, which you see in Gmail, Outlook uses grey-on-grey tiles.

Basically, Outlook has managed to evolve from modest Hotmail into user-friendly, flexible program with effortless spam protection and very useful connection to social media. Definitely, Outlook is one of the most popular free email services today, which can make communication with colleagues easier.

Secured Popular Email Services: ProtonMail

Protected email program is the simplest means to secure your correspondence. The proper protected alternatives to other most popular email marketing services are: HushMail, Tutanota, StartMail and ProtonMail. HushMail and StartMail promise not to spread their users’ private information, but they charge users for the services. In turn, Tutanota and ProtonMail are absolutely free. ProtonMail may be preferred to Tutanota since the servers are located in Switzerland, a state that protects private online content.

ProtonMail employs encryption, which is unlocked on user’s computer, thus, even if hackers attacked Swiss servers, criminals would have to decrypt computer content, which is unlikely. Attention to encryption means that emails are safe from prying eyes, yet it also means you can’t simply send them through POP or IMAP.

The security is achieved with the help of password and a hint for your colleagues. Of course, if there is nothing classified in a message, you can send it as a usual email. On the whole, ProtonMail enables users to employ one of the most anonymous, secure and popular free email services up to date.

Top Three Popular Email Service Providers

To sum up, these are the most popular email marketing services with different specifications, and only you can determine, which is more important for your company: focus on popularity, convenience or security.