The Top Email Services Reviews Online

In a world that’s always in technological motion 24/7 it is hard for businesses to keep in contact with or respond to customers and all their queries, urgent or not. Different modes are now competing for customer attention, including Search Engine Optimization, social media and e-commerce marketing. Email, though not the most popular with millennials is still one of the most effective ways to connect with and persuade customers. Inboxes are personal so treat them such-wise.

In this blog we tell you the important features of all effective email service providers, laying emphasis on what features are most important to you as a growing business, and what the top rated ESPs are, with their own distinct advantages. Our email service reviews are designed to help your business prosper. Our paid email services reviews tell you what you might pay and for what level of service.

Top Email Services Reviews Online

Email Blast Service Review and Paid Email Services Reviews

As a business, you may need to send a single message to hundreds, maybe thousands of customers with a single click. While it may be relatively easy to segment your customers into countable groups, it may not be practical to tailor each email for every single customer. Blast marketing will ensure each customer gets their intended email with no delay or confusion. It is important to collect customer data based on their past purchasing habits, their likes and dislikes and any other records that may help guide you with the marketing process.

In our email blast service review we’ve found the following services have great bulk sending features:

  • SendPulse: Combines blast marketing with unique personalization, and the added advantage of segmentation and smart form fillings. With their A/B testing feature, you can test several versions of the subject/body of your messages and send out the version that received the best results.
  • MailChimp: This is the world’s largest marketing automation platform and has numerous features that makes it the preferred email commerce provider for small and big businesses. MailChimp integrates data collection and analytics with the bottom line of the campaign and endeavors to tailor each message for each customer. It also integrates ads from different social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram which gives your business access to a greater pool of customers. MailChimp allows you to send up to 12000 emails per month free of charge, although certain features such as autoresponders and spam filters need a payment plan or an account upgrade.
  • Sendinblue: Has great bulk sending features and prides itself as providing designer emails. It has contact management, campaign reporting, marketing automation and a great template gallery that’s lets you add great visual material to your campaigns. It also has integration with other APIs that makes it accessible across numerous other platforms and lets you convert features. It has different payment plans ranging from free to bronze to silver for upwards of 66 dollars a month
  • Benchmark Email: With its Free for Life plan, you can send up to 10000 emails per month with the added benefit of features such as email tracking, online surveys and free templates. It has one major drawback, which is the fact that you need customers to actually subscribe to your sign up forms in order for them to be included in your contact list. While this has its advantages in terms of you being sure that the customer will always be willing to receive your emails, it means you need lots of time to build up a usable contact list.
  • VerticalResponse: With this service you can send up to 4000 free emails per month and store up to 1000 contacts for free. The number isn’t as high as for other services but it will certainly work for smaller and medium sized businesses. It allows you to create an unlimited number of sign up forms and an autoresponder tool is also included for free for a limited time period. One can sign up for the service for free but a credit card is required for upgrades, with different payment plans offered.

Secure Email Service Reviews and Encrypted Email Service Review

One of the most pertinent issues when it comes to email service provision is that of security. Cases of data theft and privacy breaches have been reported, with one of the mega giants of email provision having reported a large data breach in the last 5 years that affected 30 million plus accounts. For our encrypted email service review, we recommend the following;

  • CounterMail: This offers high level OpenPGP encryption with security integrity being upheld right from the browser level. There’s such a great emphasis on security in CounterMail that data is not actually held on hard disks, only cloud and memory. Any attempts to tamper with this data leads to the data being irrevocably lost. They also afford you a decryption key on a USB stick which is the same as what some money transfer solutions providers use with Verisign. This makes it terribly difficult to even hack into your account.
  • ProtonMail: This is one of the most secure ESPs you can hope to find. Using a Javascript-run app to encrypt or decrypt all emails, and storing only encrypted mails on their servers, Proton gives you that peace of mind you may be looking for. It also includes a spam filter with keyboard shortcuts and rich-text editing. You can also organize your emails and create custom folders and labels. You can set up your emails to expire up to a month in the future. The service level depends on how much you are paying. One drawback for ProtonMail is that it cannot be accessed in SMTP and IMAP although it uses OpenPGP. Plugins for different email clients such as Outlook do not exist. One advantage for businesses is that it lets you use your own domain name which is quite good for marketing.
  • Tutanota: Also offers high level security features. Email encryption and decryption happens only at receipt or sending, and your device is the last step. Decryption requires a private key available not even to Tutanota itself. You can send emails to outside ESPs and specify the message with a password. The service runs on AES and RSA platforms for encryption and its web interface supports IOS and Android. There are free accounts and paid accounts with services changing at the higher echelons of subscription.

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Successful Businesses with Our Email Service Reviews

This blog has discussed paid email service reviews which are basically services you have to pay for or subscribe to. We’ve also discussed bulk email service review which basically enables you to send thousands of emails at once to thousands, maybe millions with one click. Secure email service reviews tell you which providers offer you the best security features, either personal or for business.

We hope with these email services reviews your business will make an informed decision as to its preferred provider.