What to Look For In a Free Email Sending Service

While social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tinder dominate our communication lives presently, email still remains a core part of interpersonal communication in our world today. Email remains the ‘de-facto’ mode of official, online communication and offline to a large extent. Rarely do we forward paperback letters to our peers or customers, and even if we do, it’s probably a printed email. For most people, a free email service provides the bare minimum when it comes to sending and receiving mails, and basic security features. For professionals and companies looking for that something extra, it may be proper to shell out a bit of cash just for the added benefits. Whatever the case, there are numerous Email Service Providers that provide a free email sending service benefitting millions of people around the world.

Free Email Sending Service

The Most Reliable, Free Business Email Service

While there are not too many things to look for in an ESP if you are an individual or private user, the situation is different for businesses that are looking for a free corporate account. With a free business email service the features might be limited or you may get the full shebang if you’re running a trial version. There are a few factors you may want to consider if you want to test the waters before you settle on a service provider:

  • Free Trials: As mentioned, the ESP should offer a limited time period for select features that might interest you as a business.
  • Tracking and reporting: As a business, you should have the ability to check your campaigns and see how your engagements are shifting and how people are relating to your campaign.
  • A/B testing: This is a way to test your subject line or content, to see what works, what doesn’t and what gives the best results. A good ESP should be able to provide this feature.
  • Address Book: You should be able to automatically collect and store all your contacts and sort them in whatever way you think fit.
  • Dedicated Internet Protocol addresses or shared IPs with limited users: This usually leads to problems of spam if your ESP shares your IP address with other users and may get your emails blocked by an ISP.
  • Software and hardware robustness: Before you settle on an ESP be sure to check on the downturn stats as your business may literally depend on it. Infrastructure is really important and your provider should always several back-ups and a proper recovery system in place.
  • Security: What kind of security are you looking for? Are you looking to sync multiple platforms and how do the security features affect these relationships?
  • Storage: If you are a business sending and receiving thousands of emails monthly, designing your own templates and running a CRM system, storage is essential for any good ESP.

Here’s The Top 10 Free Email Services

What distinguishes the top 10 free email services from the rest? Whether for personal, professional or business use the top ESPs all try to provide the above features in one wrap, providing cool interfaces along the way. The best free email service provider either free, premium or based on other features include the following:

  • Yahoo Mail: Though used mostly by personal account users, it still packs features that have made it a trusted service provider for the last two decades. It offers 1TB storage space, address books, a calendar, sort and filter, an app and an IM tool.
  • Gmail: With an array of features that is possibly unmatched for any free service provider, Gmail is a fine alternative to Yahoo’s shortcomings. It has video chat, a mobile app, IM tool, a 25MB file attachment capability and great security. It also has limited business capability though not widely popular apart from its cloud options.
  • Outlook: This has both free and paid subscriptions. The free version offers you plenty of storage space, an address book, custom themes and templates, an IM, and video chat. It does not offer spam checks however.
  • Zoho Mail: Zoho has a great interface that makes inbox ads redundant. Its paid version has CRM and accounting solutions tailored for professionals and businesses. It has IMAP and POP support, with a mobile app and custom themes. It also offers you a personal signature and allows you to create folders. It provides an address book and up to 5GB of internal storage.
  • AOL Mail: AOL offers unlimited inbox storage, an address book, a search function and a personal signature. It also offers custom themes, a Mobile App, an RSS reader, an IM tool, and great security features.
  • Lycos Mail: Lycos provides a spam filter, secure sign-in, unlimited attachment size, no inbox ads, POP support and a personal signature. It also allows you to create folders, provides a calendar, IM and 3GB inbox storage.
  • Hushmail: It provides an address book, search functionality, personal signatures, a mobile app, POP and IMAP support. It also offers a mobile app, a personal signature, spam filter and secure sign in.
  • Com: It offers secure sign-in, virus scanning, spam filter, and gives you the added ability of conversation view. It also provides an autoresponder, an RSS reader, custom themes and a calendar. You can also create folders and provide a personal signature.
  • GMX: Offers unlimited storage, an address book, search functionality, creating folders, personal signature, Instant Messenger and custom themes. It also allows external mail collection, importation of social media contacts and 50MB file attachment size.
  • iCloud Mail: It offers all the above functionalities with syncing across multiple devices and access to Apple’s cloud storage. It also has an autoresponder and spam filter.

How to know the best free email marketing service

While it won’t be possible to get all these features on one platform or for free, the best free email marketing service will be able to comfortably provide most of these benefits. ProtonMail is one of the most secure email service free with two key authentication and tough encryption of outgoing or incoming mails. Proton and Tutanota also provide an anonymous email service free which allows you to run aliases and up your privacy. Proton is probably one of the best free secure email service considering the added functionalities it offers with its free account.

Selecting the Best Free Secure Email Service: Anonymous Email Service Free

Free secure email service providers are hard to come by and they do offer free service on a trial basis or with limited features. The possibilities of a free private email service depend on what level of service you need as a customer. Corporate needs are quite different from those of private users. Other than ProtonMail and Tutanota there’s also:

CounterMail: This offers high level security starting with encrypted https at the browser state. It provides you with a decryption key on a flash stick that you use to authenticate your login. You can access free features here with reduced functionality.